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AT Trionfo Video Productions we love working with people and ideas. We produce videos for clients all over the Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley, Allentown Bethlehem, New Jersey and New York regions. Trionfo Video Productions will sit down with you in the comfort of your office and help you formulate how to best translate your idea into film. Some clients are looking for help all along the way, from assistance in  writing the script to finding the talent;  we are happy to do all of it for you. Others, already have a very specific script and would like us to follow their lead.  Either way, our goal at Trionfo Video Productions is to accommodate your Video needs, not ours.  So if its Corporate, Documentary, Educational, Professional Photography, Event, Commercials, Our mission is is to produce a high quality video production for you and your company.

We are incredibly talented, dedicated, industrious, and creative people. Let us help you with all of your video needs.

Hi, I am Karen (Sophia )Trionfo, the owner of Trionfo Video Productions. 

As someone who once acted and modeled in front of the camera, I feel I have that extra insight needed to produce engaging videos for my clients. I also know what I do best and that is to work one on one with my client, formulating great concepts and ideas for them, then taking those concepts and turning them into top quality video productions. You will find that Trionfo Video Productions can write the script, organize the shoot , direct the shoot,  and even interview and work with talent. In fact, that is what we  do best, we are really good at bringing the best out of our talent, even if it's their first time in front of the camera. We also pride ourselves in having an eye, which means, we know what looks good and what doesn't. Trionfo Video Productions has some of the best editors, videographers and photographers in the Lehigh Valley - a super team, we know that each production will be of the highest quality. If you're not only looking for an premier production company but incredible work experience, Trionfo Video Productions is the team for you.

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